The construction and building industry is changing all the

time to better serve its customers. Our team developed

this product line with the same philosophy – building a

shower should be faster, easier and more cost effective.

With many years of experience in the construction business,

HYDRO-BLOK is working hard to bring you a Better Shower System that provides customers with many options for

assembling a custom shower that is right for them. 

By taking extruded polystyrene foam, which is 100% waterproof, HCFC-free and covering it with an alkaline

resistant fiberglass mesh and a polymer modified cement coating, we were able to produce a full line of products and accessories that are strong, lightweight and easy to install.

With a 10-year warranty on all foam products,

we stand behind our products so that you can enjoy

your shower hassle free for many years to come.

We thank you for considering our products for your next shower project or renovation and look forward to serving

you with an expanding product line in the future.